The CEC commented on “a black cash” regionals

В ЦИК прокомментировали "черную кассу" регионалов

The building of the Central election Commission

The CEC believes that these documents want to disrupt the elections in 7 districts.

The publication of the alleged “black accounting” of the Party of regions, which included cash payments to the Central election Commission in 2012, is an attempt to disrupt the elections to the Parliament on July 17 in seven districts. This was stated by the head of Department of interaction with mass media of the Central election Commission Konstantin Hurenko, reports Radio Liberty.

“The head of the CEC, as well as the Commission, is in the electoral process elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine in seven districts. And I think to a certain extent, what is happening now is an attempt to dislodge the Central election Commission with the normal operating schedule of work and to disrupt the elections”, – he said.

Recall that in the documents about the shadow costs of the Party of regions, has materiaaleista MP Sergei Leshchenko, the CEC appears several times.

The material is said that people with data Okhendovsky M. V., which are fully consistent with the passport data of the CEC Chairman Michael Okhendovsky, received $ 1525 on a business trip on June 8, 2012. During this period, the country was preparing to hold parliamentary elections on October 28. At that time, Okhendovsky was a member of the CEC. Signature for receipt of the funds similar to the genuine signature of the official under official documents.

In addition, according to the published materials, money for the CEC received Lukash, E. L., and V. A. Kalyuzhny’s Surname and the initials of these people coincide with those of the former deputies from Party of regions Elena Lukash and Vitaly Kalyuzhny. Sister Helen Lucas Tatiana is still the Secretary of the CEC.

The purpose of money in the materials listed as “CEC”, “CEC November”, “CEC”, “CEC 12 mA”. Featured several such payments in different amounts: 60, 20, 45 thousand dollars and 2 million 200 thousand dollars.

Okhendovsky and Lukas has not yet provided comments.

Earlier, the NAB has opened a case for “black accounting” of the Party of regions. The Bureau stated that a public statement of Trepak deprived them of certain operational capabilities and now “excessive publicity can hurt the exposure of corruption offences and bringing those responsible to justice”.