The chamber accused the Ministry of health in loss for medicine procurement

Счетная палата обвинила Минздрав в убытках при закупке лекарств

The accounting chamber conducted audit in the Ministry of health

The facts contain signs of criminal offenses and are in need of legal assessment officers, believe in the chamber.

The accounting chamber by the results of the audit of the Ministry of health said that the mismanagement of the Ministry led to the violation of the terms of contracts with international organizations and millions of losses. This was reported by press service of the Ministry on Wednesday, April 24.

It is noted that the Ministry of health spent in 2017-2018 11.9 billion hryvnia for the purchase of medicines and medical with the assistance of international organizations, but did not provide timely access to all patients.

The chamber claim that the Ministry did not ensure a proportional distribution of state funds allocated for the needs of patients, from-for what the actual level of coverage of the needs of patients in 2018 remained at the level of 2017.

“Mismanagement and lack of control on the part of the Ministry of health led to the breach of treaties with international organizations”, – stated in the message.

It is also noted on the “disturbance and management blunders of the Ministry of health in the use of medicines, vaccines and medical products purchased at the expense of the state budget 2016-2017”.

In particular, the Ministry received from international organizations medicines for cancer patients and children, patients with chronic viral hepatitis in the amount of UAH 59.7 million, with a shelf life less than specified in the contracts.

Also, the Ministry of health has not received from the organisation confirming the replacement of medicines, if unused before the expiration date.

Similarly, the Ministry accepted drugs in the amount of 58 million without a guarantee of replacement in case of non-use before the expiry date.

It is noted that these requirements were not spelled out in contracts with international organizations.

“As a result, today created risks of harm to the state because of the loss of these medicines and medical products that due to the expiration date will not be used,” according to the chamber.

It is noted that due to the expiration of unused drugs in the amount of 6.75 million. Of these, almost 1 million hryvnia has already been disposed of.

“These facts contain signs of criminal offenses and need legal assessment of law enforcement bodies”, – stated in the message.

Also, the auditors considered that there was no need to buy 47 million drugs (off-label). The health Ministry explained that these drugs are used in cases of very rare tumours in paediatric Oncology or when there is no response to the “allowed” treatment.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of health will establish the limiting prices for medicines from the National list that are purchased most often. This list is about 60 (out of 427) are very popular drugs.

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