The chief of police of the Donetsk region became the Deputy Avakov

Глава полиции Донецкой области стал замом Авакова

Vyacheslav Abroskin

Abroskin appointed Deputy head of national police of Ukraine

The head of police in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin appointed Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine. The corresponding order on the recommendation of the head of the National police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev was signed by the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

According to the police, March 10 Avakov signed the order on appointment Abroskin for the post of Deputy head – chief of the national police in the Donetsk region.

In January 2017 Abroskin among the 64 candidates participated in the competition for the position of head of national police, however, the final did not pass.

Note Abroskin native of Sebastopol, where he worked for 20 years in the criminal unit. After the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March 2014 left the Peninsula – was appointed head of the management organization, disclosure of crimes against property and investigative work of the criminal investigation Department, Deputy head of the Department.

In November 2014 Abroskin was appointed to the post of chief GU MVD of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has appointed first Deputy head of the National police, Vadym Troyan, Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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