The child knocked on Goloseevo, died in the hospital

Ребенок, которого сбили на Голосеево, умер в больнице

In intensive care, “Hospital” today, around 14:00. died four-year-old Pasha, who on the 20th of April in Kiev, Goloseevo was hit by a woman driving a Lexus. It is reported

It is reported that the child was taken to the hospital in critical condition with severe head trauma.

The doctors were able to stabilize him and perform the surgery, but on April 23, Pasha started the heart stops. Several times the resuscitators was able to run it, but today, this attempt did not succeed – not out of the coma, the boy died.

Ребенок, которого сбили на Голосеево, умер в больнице

The boy was admitted to hospital with an open craniocerebral trauma, multiple fractures of the base and vault of the skull, crushing of the brain, hemorrhage into the substance of the brain and ventricles, acute blood loss, extensive closed chest trauma, broken ribs, lung injury.

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We will remind, the child while walking with my mom and brother fell under the wheels of the white “Lexus”. The woman who was driving the car, he saw the child, because he and his bike-colocaram hit the “dead zone” review. The car ran over the boy twice – first the front wheels, then rear. The victim was hospitalized in the “Hospital” in critical condition.

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