The Chinese authorities have blocked WhatsАpp

Власти Китая заблокировали WhatsАpp

For the vast majority of users in the country has become inaccessible text messaging in messenger.

China has blocked the WhatsApp messenger, The New York Times reported.

It is noted that this was done in anticipation of the XIX Congress of the Communist party of China, which is scheduled for October 18.

The messenger was the latest product of Facebook, which until recently was available in China. Prior to this, the authorities have blocked the very social network, and Instagram.

Previously WhatsАpp observed temporary interruptions in July became unavailable video chat, it was impossible to send files, images and voice messages. Now, for the vast majority of users in the country has become inaccessible and text messaging, although in some cases, this function still can work.

The publication stresses that the country has blocked access to social networks outside the control of the government. Most are forced to use WeChat messenger, which officially reports to the authorities the personal data of users.

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We will remind, in may the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree which, inter alia, provides for the blocking of access to Russian social networks, websites Mail.Ru Group and Yandex.