The Chinese lunar Rover has made a new pictures of the moon

Китайский луноход сделал новые снимки Луны

The moon is depicted in the photos on the reverse side

They satellite of the Earth imprinted on the back side. Pictures were taken during the fourth lunar day.

Chinese machine UTU-2 made new pictures of the moon on which the satellite captured from the dark side. It is reported by the Planetary society.

Pictures were taken March 29, when the Rover overcame a distance of eight metres, adding them to its overall result is 163 meters. To date, the index made up of 178.9 meters that the apparatus has traveled along the surface of the moon.

Pictures of the heavenly bodies was published by the members of the team lunar mission Chang’e-4.



Earlier it was reported that China plans to send man to the moon in the next ten years.

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