The city Council has published the size of capital budget for 2017

Киевсовет обнародовал размер бюджета столицы на 2017 год

The permanent Commission of the Kyiv city Council on budget issues and the socio-economic development recommended that the city Council adopt the capital budget for 2017 with revenues in 36,779 billion UAH and expenditures 36,78 billion. The corresponding figures included in the draft budget published on the website of Kiyevosveta.

The budget revenues planned at 36 778 556,9 thousand UAH. Of this amount, 35 093 424,3 thousand UAH is General Fund and 1 685 132.6 thousand UAH, special Fund. In the expenditure part of the pledged 36 056,9 780 thousand UAH. The General background is part of the expenditure is 29 927,1 192 thousand UAH, special Fund – 7 587 129,8 thous.

The revenues from the tax on the income of individuals is estimated at 13 047 million, from property tax – 5 314,1 million, from excise tax on retail trade – 1 332,5 million.

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Forward-looking indicators of subsidies from the state budget is 8 928 of 174.3 thousand UAH.

The limiting size of the debt of the city of Kiev by 31 December 2017 it is proposed to approve the level 3 034 470 thousand UAH.