The city Council proposes to increase fines for Smoking in prohibited areas 50-100 times

Киевсовет предлагает увеличить штрафы за курение в запрещенных местах в 50-100 раз

Kyiv city Council proposes to increase fines for Smoking in prohibited areas 50-100 times. As the press service of the city Council, at the plenary session of the city deputies decided to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers on increasing responsibility for Smoking tobacco products and hookahs in prohibited areas.

“The current legislation determines the list of places where Smoking is prohibited, except in designated places. Thus their total area should not exceed 10% of the total area of the building or premises, in addition, they must be equipped with ventilation. However, quite often, dining options ignore all legal restrictions, providing, including services on Smoking hookahs,” – noted in a press-service, adding that to rectify the current situation, acquired the appropriate solution which offers amendments to the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences and the Law of Ukraine “On measures to prevent and reduce the use of tobacco products and their harmful influence on population health”.

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In particular, higher fines for Smoking tobacco products in prohibited areas 50 to 100 times.

“We offer responsibility for individuals set at the level of 17 thousand hryvnias, as regards legal persons, the maximum number — 20 thousand. And it’s not really high penalties, in the leading countries of the world are much higher. For example, if you bind the hryvnia, in Ireland such penalty is 86 thousand, in Azerbaijan from 10 to 25 thousand hryvnia, in France from 12 to 21 thousand, in Germany — 28 thousand UAH. Only the size of the penalty can be a significant limiting factor in the violation of this rule, because the minimum penalties and creates the problems that face the residents of the houses where the dining options, where guests can smoke, including hookahs,” commented the author of the draft decision, the Deputy GSR Alla Shlapak.

The statement was supported by 92 MPs.

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Earlier in the Moscow city hall announced plans to increase fines for Smoking in public places.

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