The coach of Seville: the Return match will be quite difficult

Тренер Севильи: Ответный матч будет довольно сложным

Unai Emery

Coach of Sevilla Unai emery commented the first match of his team in the 1/2 final of the Europa League against Shakhtar

Coach of Sevilla Unai emery shared his thoughts about the first semifinal match of the Europa League against Shakhtar Donetsk.

– Both teams look decent, and have used their moments, so I think that the return match will be difficult for Shakhtar and Sevilla. I said before the game the chances are equal – 50 on 50, and today’s result only confirms the equality of the two teams.

– Konoplyanka today blown? And how serious injury from Krohn-Dehli?

– I’ll start with the second question. Football is a very demanding sport and players often get injured. Of course, the club for its part will do everything possible in order to put Michael on your feet, apply all the possibilities and capabilities of our best doctors – anyone who will help him in restoring his health. The Linnet: we trust this player. Sure that will show their best in following matches and, in particular, in the second leg. This experience will certainly help him grow as a player, and he will contribute to the overall result.

– What is missing Konoplyanka to become a player in the main squad?

We are already seeing changes in the game Linnets. Football is a universal sport, however, in each country in each championship has its own characteristics, its own specifics. Of course, Ukrainian is growing in our team, and of course, he is a great player. I’m sure together we can achieve even more and it will become even more professional in their field, they will show their maximum abilities.

– Today you showed two different halves, but you have to attack better than defend. It will be so in Seville?

– Football is the game where you have to attack and defend! When we defend, this is also due to the fact that we are forcing the opponents. Miner today did it quite often. When the ball was with us, we feel more comfortable, because it could launch their own attacks and build combos. For 90 minutes we watched on the field: attack and defense. I think the score 2:2 accurately reflects the events that happened today on this wonderful stadium. So the result is quite objective.

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