The coach of the national team of Ukraine believes that Ukrainian boxers sued in Turkey

Тренер сборной Украины считает, что украинских боксеров засудили в Турции

Dmitry Sosnovsky

Dmitry Sosnovskiy sure that four Ukrainian boxers could be licenses for the Olympic games.

The head coach of the men’s Boxing team, Dmytro sosnovskyi, commented on the performance of the Ukrainian boxers on the license tournament in Turkey, where out of ten Ukrainians neither managed to get a pass for the Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“In Turkey the guys fought with dignity. But seriously, when you win fights and you don’t raise your hand. If before such could happen with one or two people on the team here have done so with many. Including such leaders as butsenko, Manukyan, Khizhnyak.

Two days in a row: first was his head torn off in the semifinals, and then in a battle for the license. Sometimes, Boxing others, and they have no warning, and leave the Ukrainians – and get two in the first round for dangerous head movement. But three warnings is disqualification. And in such a situation should work boxer attacking style?

Although I don’t like to comment on the work of judges is not mine. My will is that the guys are well breathed, boxed. But mentally it was hard. The team is young – 94-96-th year of birth. The experimental butsenko and Mitya Mitrofanov. Sorry, Mitya has not reached its optimal level, it is difficult shape. He was such a smooth fight with a Hungarian… But the Whites, butsenko, Khizhnyak, and Manukyan – really could be with licenses. I think that Victor Vykhryst also not lost the fight… These results, the team did not deserve.

What’s next? We will fight to the end. The guys went home. Now they are upset, but not broken. 2 may we will go to base Tysovets, will come to their senses and we will prepare for the tournament in Baku, starting on June 14. The deal there is this: in the categories from 52 to 81 kg in each weight, five licenses, 91 kg and +91 kg – one, and three remain in weight 49.

We will see how will develop there. If story will repeat itself with Turkey, we know that it is a conscious attitude to us. And behave differently…

More licenses should be played in the United tournament fighters APB and WSB. They said he should start in late June in China. And 5 August for the Olympics. These are three of acclimatization for the month! What is the organism that will survive even without load? But soon AIBA Congress will be held and there will be solved and this question, and the question for the professionals…

On the licenses. When I reported back to the Ministry, put the “fork” – 3-7. If you really, now we had to bring at least three, and with good alignment, 4-5. Burned, before Baku blow on the water. Assume 3-4 licenses. And with the WSB tournament, should focus on five,” said Sosnowski

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