The collapse of Gribovichi the dump to investigate in Ternopil

Обвал на Грибовичской свалке расследуют в Тернополе

The fire at the landfill in Hrybovychi (archive photo)

At the moment, Ternopil Prosecutor’s office has not reported the suspicion to any official.

The involvement of officials of the Lviv city Council to the collapse of Gribovitsa solid waste landfill are investigating in Prosecutor’s office of Ternopil region, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

The newspaper has received this information in response to the request to the attorney General which was redirected to the Prosecutor’s office in Ternopil and Lviv region.

It is noted that at the moment Ternopil Prosecutor’s office has not reported the suspicion to any official. Criminal proceedings were initiated on 20 March 2017 under part 2 of article 367 of the Criminal code of Ukraine on the fact of improper performance of their duties, officials of local government of the city of Lviv.

“Currently, measures are taken for the collection, verification and evaluation of evidence with the aim of establishing the circumstances of importance for criminal proceedings, and any person on suspicion is not reported,” − said in the reply of Prosecutor’s office in Lviv region.

The inaction of the Garden the problem Gribovichi dumps is recognized as illegal

Recall, may 29, 2016 Grabowiecki the dump caught fire, which was extinguished more than a day. The evening of may 30 at the dump there was a mudslide of garbage, under the rubble were four people.

The Prosecutor General’s office reported that according to the examination the cause of the tragedy was the spontaneous combustion of garbage in compliance with technological standards.