The Committee of freedom of speech BP at the meeting will consider the publication of a list of accredited “DNR” journalists

Комитет свободы слова ВР на заседании рассмотрит опубликование списка аккредитованных в "ДНР" журналистов

The Committee of freedom of speech BP at the meeting will consider the publication of a list of accredited “DNR” journalists. About this in comments to the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine” said MP from the PPO, the Deputy head of the Committee Olga Chervakova.

“I believe that this is the case when freedom of speech should be limited, and by the way, it is limited to the applicable legislation of Ukraine, we have a law “On protection of personal data “, and the publication of such lists with phone numbers and e-mail, these data are personal data of these people. So by publishing this list, the site “Peacemaker” directly violated Ukrainian legislation, in fact, substitute a blow to those people who do not deserve those threats and insults, which they are now suffering,” said Cermakova.

“We are today at a meeting of the Committee on freedom of speech will consider this question, I invite you to 14:30 at the beginning of the Committee will take a decision,” she concluded.

News on topic: the authors of the site “Peacemaker” have no idea about the specifics of the risky work of journalists in war

Earlier, the Ukrainian resource “Peacemaker” has published a register of all journalists ever held accreditation in the so-called Donetsk people’s Republic.

Note, this list is announced on the page in Facebook the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko, but then deleted my post.

In the administration of the site “Peacemaker” note that journalists of many non-Russian publications (CNN, BBC, AFP) Russian names and surnames.

As specified, at the end of 2015, “the Minister of information DND Elena Nikitina claimed that her organization has accredited nearly eight thousand journalists and announced the creation of the corresponding list. These data and published “the Peacemaker”. However in the registry the “Peacemaker” is only 4068 lines.

Stated the media personnel from Russia, Ukraine, Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.

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“The peacemaker” had previously published a list of Russians who, allegedly, participated in a military operation in Syria. In Moscow called this publication “hostile actions” against Russia.

We will note, a number of journalists expressed their indignation at the publication of this list.