The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada approved the dissolution of the CEC

Комитет Верховной Рады одобрил роспуск ЦИК

Parliament may dissolve the CEC tomorrow

The current composition of the CEC is open from 20 September last year. The President wants to dissolve it.

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of organization of state power recommends supporting the proposal of President Vladimir Zelensky on the dissolution of the Central electoral Commission. This decision deputies adopted at the meeting on Wednesday, September 11, reports RBC-Ukraine.

The decision was supported by 16 Committee members, 2 against, and 7 abstained.

Representation of the head of state at the meeting presented the President’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada, first Vice-speaker of BP Ruslan Stefanchuk. According to him, the CEC has repeatedly demonstrated bias. According to him, the CEC took an unreasonable decision to cancel the registration of the candidate, which was overruled by the court.

“Under the Constitution, the appointment and dismissal of the CEC members relates to the powers of Parliament. The authority of the CEC may be terminated at the reasoned proposal of the President of Ukraine. Requested to support this idea”, – said Stepanchuk.

He asked what legally is meant by a “reasoned submission”.

Answering the question of Stepanchuk said that the proposal of the President is justified.

The Parliament may consider the question of the dissolution of the CEC tomorrow.

While the Committee of voters of Ukraine believe that the objective reasons for the dissolution of the Commission no.


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