The Committee of voters called the most unproductive MPs

Комитет избирателей назвал самых непродуктивных депутатов

Some MPs did not register any draft law for 2017

Eleven deputies have not registered any draft law last year, said the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

Eleven deputies have not registered any draft law for 2017. On Wednesday, January 17, announced the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

It is noted that 5 of 11 members of the faction Opposition bloc. In particular, Sergei Levochkin, and Dmitry Dobkin and Evgeny Bakulin, Taras Kozak, Denis Omelyanovich.

No bill was also not made by the individual Paul Balogh, Eduard Matviychuk Tatyana Donets with NF, Natalia Agafonova with the PPB and the people’s deputies Serhiy Kluyev and Oleksandr Onishchenko.

CVU also evaluated the performance of deputies in the number of bills that became laws.

“Their productivity over the three years is as follows: Levochkin – 8 draft laws were submitted/accepted 0, Dobkin – 1/0, Bakulin – 4/0, Kozak – 26/1, Y. – 1/0, Balogh – 1/0, Matviychuk – 43/2, Donets – 25/1, Agafonova – 14/1”, – stated in the message.

At the same time among the most productive deputies in 2017 were members of the BPP Andrew Sinkovich and Maria Ionova, a member of the Self-help Irina Podolyak. So, the laws have become in the nine bills of the authorship of Sinkovich and ion, as well as eight – Podolyak.

On average in 2017, one MP has registered 15 bills.

During the year it was 1.3 thousand draft laws and adopted 162 of the law.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in December 2017 40 MPs missed more than 90% of the votes.