The company Akhmetov will appeal against the decision of the Cypriot court

Компания Ахметова обжалует решение Кипрского суда

SCM group also denied involvement in the privatization of Ukrtelecom.

In the SCM group, which is owned by Rinat Akhmetov, said that the appeal against the decision of the court of Nicosia on the freezing of assets in the amount of 820 million dollars. About it reports Radio Freedom.

“Company of the SCM group indirectly acquired the shares in Ukrtelecom from Raga Establishment Limited (then EPIC Telecom Invest Limited) in 2013, two years after the privatization of Ukrtelecom. Currently, we received information about preliminary ruling of the court in Cyprus on some of the companies of SCM group at the suit of the company Raga Establishment Limited. We strongly disagree with this definition, and it will be appealed. Our companies are also actively protected in the courts against a baseless claim of Raga Establishment Limited, in which judgment was given”, – said in the statement.

It is noted that “the SCM group, either directly or indirectly was not involved in the privatization of Ukrtelecom in 2011”, and the claim of the state property Fund and other state bodies of Ukraine regarding the legality of the privatization of the company and of the investment obligations concerning activities of Raga Establishment Limited.

Earlier it was reported that the Cyprus district court has frozen the assets of Akhmetov in the amount of 820 million dollars in the case of Ukrtelecom.