The company announced record volumes of drilling

Укргаздобыча заявила о рекордных объемах бурения

Despite statements on the record, the Cabinet considered the plan for the extraction failure

Last year drilled 314 thousand meters of penetration, which is a record for 12 years, the company says.

The company said that last year drilled a record 314 thousand meters (an increase of 30.8%) of penetration, which allowed to further increase annual production to 335 million cubic meters of gas. About reports a press-service of the company on Monday, March 25.

“The latest maximum annual amount of penetration was recorded at 276 thousand meters in 2006. In 2018 achieved record 314 thousand meters of penetration, allowing to further increase annual production to 335 million cubic meters of blue fuel,” – said in the message.

As of 20 March, the beginning of the year have been drilled 69,6% of the country’s own drilling management company Ukrburgaz (66 machines) and the external drilling contractors (13 machines), which is 18% higher than the same period last year. These results were achieved due to the introduction of the new machines.

“Today there are 4 new drilling machine production China HongHua and German Bentec capacity of 450 tons,” the company said.

It is reported that the company has purchased twenty new machines, of which 15 units with a lifting capacity of 450 tons, 2 units with lifting capacity of 320 tons and mobile machines with a lifting capacity of 225 tons – 2 units, and single – about 180 tons.

In the nearest plans of the company the completion of the modernisation of 33 private machines of the old stock that was purchased over 25 years ago.

Earlier the company announced record natural gas production over the past 25 years – for 2018 was produced of 15.49 billion cubic meters of gas. Gas production grew only 0.3% per year, while a year earlier, production rose by 4% (more than 800 million cubic meters).

According to the energy Ministry, last year gas production rose by 2.4%.


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