The company EndorPhone opened new opportunities for budding entrepreneurs

Компания EndorPhone открыла новые возможности для начинающих бизнесменов

The problem of lack of Finance for starting a business was always acutely in business. Today the majority of entrepreneurs are guided not by ideas, and budget.

Lack of money can ruin even large-scale projects. Many young businessmen with the heat of lose it as soon as it comes to financial calculations. The company “Endorphin” for many years sells carrying cases for portable equipment on the territory of Ukraine. Over the years, the firm has brought the quality of original products to perfection and now it proposes to sell its goods to everyone. We are talking about dropshipping.

Modern approach to sales

This way of marketing products popular abroad. Some of the world giants at the time, started with dropshipping. This scheme called “incubator for young entrepreneurs”. For earnings would require minimal investment, effort and skills. Using dropshipping, covers wholesale and retail will be able to sell each. Enough minimum knowledge of marketing and some free time.

How does dropshipping? The item is in stock. It is the company EndorPhone. Unlike similar offerings from other brands, in this case you can not worry about the quality of the products. The covers are made of durable materials, drawings are applied with special techniques. The warranty applies to each product name. Party trading program is a seller-facilitator. The circuit operates as follows:

The affiliate finds the customer.
It creates the order and sends it to the representatives of the company.
The goods sent to the buyer.
The seller earns the difference between wholesale and retail price.
Most brands works on dropshipping only after payment for the goods. The seller need to pay the full cost for the products on the supplier invoice before it is sent. This becomes a source of financial risk. The seller is not always sure that the buyer will actually buy the product. However, he is forced to give the money for it in advance.

EndorPhone modified the moment. As part of the affiliate program dropshipping from the company introduced the technology of cod. The client (the seller), receiving the order sends the buyer to the supplier in the person “Endorfina”. The money for the goods transferred to the courier hands. The difference in the price dropshipper gets soon to the email account.

Компания EndorPhone открыла новые возможности для начинающих бизнесменов



Popular niche

Covers for handheld devices – products that have great demand. It grows every year, in proportion to the turnover on the market of the same smartphones or tablets. Therefore, if the businessman decides to implement these accessories, without orders, he will not stay. The company regularly proves this fact by example – the firm’s revenues grow annually.

EndorPhone fully trust Dropshippers. They set their prices for the item, offer a unique environment, adapt to a competitive environment. The company’s specialists regularly provide the participants with new tips to optimize sales. So, not necessarily to start with a large range. Better to start with an offer of accessories for popular phones. For example, case for Samsung Galaxy S8 from EndorPhone refers to a category of products, decent demand is guaranteed in the next 3-4 years.

For successful

Manufacturer EndorPhone constantly working on the affiliate program “Dropshipping”. Thanks to the systematic approach, it is very popular. Many entrepreneurs already have reached a decent income and are ready to move on. Especially for them, the employees of the company designed the terms of the franchise.

This is a logical continuation of dropshipping. The client already knows about the quality and benefits of the product EndorPhone, knows how to sell it, has a customer base. Time to move to a new level and open the point of sale. The client will be the official representative of the company that is trusted by thousands of people. This is a great bonus for a new retail store.