The company Intraco denies business ties with Poroshenko

Компания Intraco отрицает бизнес-связи с Порошенко

The owner of Intraco said that did not create the company in the interests of Poroshenko

The company did not provide services to the President, assured her the owner.

The owner of the company Intraco Management Limited, the Deputy General Director of Roshen Sergei Zaitsev said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine that has not established the company in the interest of the President Petro Poroshenko.

“I had transported several media inquiries on this topic. Answer: no, not true (did not create the company in the interests of Poroshenko – ed.). Simply put, I have been and, God willing, will be own business interests and the projects for which I created various companies. On the other hand, I’ve know Peter for many years…I’m in charge of foreign economic unit (raw materials) on Roshen and are a minority shareholder of the company. And that’s the connection with Petro Poroshenko, also before he became President.”, – said Zaitsev.

He said that Roshen now organizes direct purchase of cocoa beans from Cargill and other suppliers. Zaitsev also said that he began to consider alternatives: trade in shares and bonds, lending, Charter flights.

At the same time the owner of Intraco denied information in the media about the alleged payment by the company of services related to political figures, in particular, with Petro Poroshenko.

“Intraco has never provided services Poroshenko. Peter A. previously used the services of GB Park, but not as often as probably I’d like. Paid and flew. I guess no one doubts that Poroshenko can afford it”, – said Zaitsev.

He also said that after the election of the President once flew a plane of GB Park.

Earlier, on 9 may, the international consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) has published an interactive database of 200 thousands of offshore companies referred to in “the Panama files”, their owners and the addresses of registration. It was reported that the beneficiary of the offshore company is Intraco Management Ltd Deputy General Director of Roshen Corporation Sergei Zaitsev.

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