The company Kolomoisky has paid back PrivatBank

Компания Коломойского погасила долг ПриватБанка

Kolomoisky has fulfilled the obligations

Nikopol Ferroalloy plant of Igor Kolomoisky repaid the debt on the loan refinancing.

JSC Nikopol Ferroalloy plant have repaid the debt of PrivatBank to the National Bank on the refinancing loan in an amount equal to the market value of the collateral of the plant. This was reported on the website of the NBU.

“Thus, the company has fulfilled obligations to the National Bank settlement”, – stated in the message.

Earlier it was reported that the company Kolomoisky and the NBU went on the “world”. Nikopol Ferroalloy plant has agreed to pay the Bank debt of PrivatBank loan refinancing.

In 2018, the Bank filed 148 lawsuits against Kolomoisky and related 32 companies and property sureties for a total amount of about UAH 10 billion.

Courts have adopted 21 decisions in favor of the national Bank on foreclosure subject to mortgage obligations PrivatBank totaling UAH 1.2 billion. 18 of them came into force.



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