The company will plead with Kiev because of the penalty

Нафтогаз будет судиться с Киевом из-за неустойки

Naftogaz will sue Kievteploenergo

Naftogaz reported that the settlement agreement does not provide for cancellation of penalty, fines, penalties, inflationary charges.

The settlement agreement signed between the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine and transmission Kievteploenergo, which concerns the obligations of the company Kyivenergo does not provide for cancellation penalties. On Tuesday, October 16, the press service of the company on the official page on the social network Twitter.

“Our partners from the KSCA at the weekend met with the press and again a little mistake in the wording regarding the conditions of payment of penalties and interest. Refine. The settlement agreement does not provide for the cancellation of penalties (fines), inflation charges, and the like, because it was not his object,” – said in the message.


Nashi is a holder of the z KCSA vidname splackavellie s preshow that znovu troch pomerelia formulanew schodo minds splati stranih sanctions that pen. Udachnymi. Mirow the sake of not peredacha sesana penalty (strafe, pen), placing araguani toscho, that scho TSE not Bulo , the subject.

— Naftogaz of Ukraine (@NaftogazUK) 16 Oct 2018



Sesana vabulas after splati, Chastain borgu I vabulas bi without mirovo please, ale lachey on pastaw law. I sexualis not stink in Civallero and Civerolo before Yakima I vinicka the difference in tariffs, Yak repaid KCSA for rakhunok subventions s deliberate

— Naftogaz of Ukraine (@NaftogazUK) 16 Oct 2018


In addition, in the NAC lead part of the text of the agreement, which States that “parties recognize that a fine, penalty… is not subject to settlement settlement agreement”.

Earlier it was reported that Kievteploenergo will pay Naftogaz UAH 2.3 billion debts to Kyivenergo, but will not pay fines and penalties.


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