The complex of protection for military installations

Представлен комплекс охраны для военных объектов

Mobile radar system for perimeter protection of Kharza designed to protect military and strategic targets.

State enterprise Specialized foreign trade firm Progress, a member of Ukroboronprom, International defence exhibition Arms and security in Kiev introduced a mobile radar system for perimeter protection of Kharza. About it reports a press-service of the state concern.

“This complex is designed to ensure the protection of strategic objects, for example, headquarters, communication centers, warehouses and depots of arms and military equipment, power plants, from the attacks of subversive groups and drones,” the statement reads.

The complex provides security with the help of radar observations in any direction, processing and recording information in the range of visible and infrared radiation. “This allows us to provide round the clock security perimeter, areas and approaches to objects in any weather and time of day,” – said in concern.

Opportunities Harz allow you to effectively track potential threats at a distance, in advance to destroy or neutralize, say in the Ukroboronprom.

In particular, the radar system can “see” a small UAV (with RCS of 0.01 m2) at a distance of 7 km, the man – for 18 km, and large objects such as vehicle or aircraft is 30 km Kharza is able to simultaneously track online for 200.

Представлен комплекс охраны для военных объектов


Among its advantages is the compactness: the complex is located on a single axle trailer that allows you to quickly and discreetly move the complex.

In addition, the system requires minimal time to deploy. To bring Harz to active status need only 7 minutes.

Earlier, Ukraine introduced a promising development of the domestic defense industry at the international exhibition and conference on defense and security, ADAS-2018, which took place 26-28 September in Manila (Philippines).


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