The conflict in Azov: GPU reconstructed events

Конфликт на Азове: ГПУ реконструировала события

Published a reconstruction of the events in the Kerch Strait

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has published a video reconstruction of the events in the Kerch Strait on November 25.

The press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has published a video reconstruction of the events of late November in the Kerch Strait. Roller on Tuesday, December 4, posted on YouTube.

Recorded on video the full chronology of events – from the release of three Ukrainian vessels from the port of Odessa prior to their capture.

As reported, November 25, at the Kerch bridge, the Russian special forces seized three Ukrainian ships. The result was arrested 24 Ukrainian seafarers, six of whom were injured.

The Federal security service of Russia accused the Ukrainian side in “dangerous maneuvers” during the approach to the “closed water area of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation”. Russia called Ukraine’s actions in the Kerch Strait “provocative”. Kiev said that Russia has carried out aggression against Ukraine in international waters.

Later, the FSB published his chronology of events in the Kerch Strait.


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