The conflict in Azov: online

Конфликт на Азове: онлайн

The conflict of Russian and Ukrainian ships in the Azov sea began on the morning of November 25

The clash of Russian and Ukrainian ships in the Azov sea: the online chronicle of recent events. What happens in the Kerch Strait?

November 25 morning in the Kerch Strait was a clash of Ukrainian and Russian ships. Was rammed Ukrainian boat, and in the evening in the course of direct clash, there are wounded among Ukrainians.

As at 22:00 during the conflict in the sea of Azov to the Russian Navy seized three Ukrainian ships. What is happening in society now? The correspondent is an online broadcast of events.

Events in Azov. Online:

23:01 Russian media reported that the Ukrainian Navy ships left the Strait of Kerch and went to your port to Berdyansk. The FSB claimed to have evidence of provocation and will soon publish them.

22:40 six Ukrainian military were wounded. Captured ships Berdyansk and Jana tray – they are towed. Nikopol blocked and should be accompanied by the Russian Navy. Berdyansk was struck by enemy fire and lost in the course.

This is the latest information from the Ukrainian Navy.

22:00 Ukraine wants an emergency meeting of the UN security Council. Petro Poroshenko has convened a war Cabinet.

“Russia’s actions – a real desire to capture the sea of Azov. We work with our partners. Russia must pay for it,” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

21:22 Direct clash. Of the Ukrainian Navy reports that near the Kerch bridge, the Russian special forces seized Ukrainian ships. Two of the sailors were wounded, the Ukrainian military has closed in the ships.

“Small armored artillery boats Berdyansk, Nikopol struck by enemy fire and lost in the course. RAID tug Yana Kapu also forced to stop”, – stated in the message.

21:07 Russia seized three Ukrainian ships

14:45 of the Ukrainian Navy reported the interception of the Ukrainian ships flew attack helicopters of Russia. The ships of naval forces of Ukraine allegedly have to await the passage through the Strait, to which the boom of the Russian Federation were put on a stranded tanker on the part of the Azov sea.

13:41 the Kerch Strait was closed for the civil courts after the collision. Russia accused the Ukrainian naval provocations.

11:00 of the Video RAM of the Ukrainian ship (WARNING: there is profanity):

10:20 Russia and the Crimean “border guard service” Taran explained by the fact that three ships of Ukraine at 7 am crossed the border of Russia and sailed toward Kerch Strait.

FSB showed in the video, as the Ukrainian ships trying to evade the ships of the Russian Federation:

10:08 the Ukrainian Navy Command reported that the edge ships of the Russian Federation conducted aggressive action against 3 ships of naval forces of Ukraine, when the Ukrainian vessel was transferred from Odessa to the port of Mariupol. Russian ship don rammed the Ukrainian tow Yana mouthpiece. As a result, Ukrainian tugboat damaged.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia on the Azov

NATO and the EU made a statement on the conflict in Azov

Under the Russian Embassy in Kiev has brought the bus

Klimkin called the events in Azov “a new level of aggression”

Ukraine calls emergency meeting of UN security Council

Russia: Three ships of Ukraine went in the opposite direction