The conflict in Azov: Poroshenko appealed to the head of the UOC-MP

Конфликт на Азове: Порошенко обратился к главе УПЦ МП

Poroshenko asked the father to help release of sailors

The President has asked the Primate of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate Onuphrius help to free the sailors.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appealed to the Primate of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate Onuphrius with a request to take measures for the return from Russian captivity Ukrainian sailors. On Sunday, 9 December, the press service of the President.

It is noted that yesterday and the day before Poroshenko was talking to the Primate of the UOC his Beatitude Onufry.

“I approached him with a request to immediately communicate with Moscow, in order for the Church to take appropriate measures in order to return (our sailors – ed.)”, – said the President.

Earlier, Poroshenko said that after the capture of the Ukrainian courts tried to hold a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, however, did not answer. The Russian President explained this by the fact that he does not want to participate in the election campaign of Poroshenko.

We will remind, on November 25, the Russian special forces seized three Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. The attack was delayed 24 Ukrainian seafarers, six of whom were injured. Later, they were all under arrest on suspicion in illegal crossing of the state border of Russia.

In Russia accused the Ukrainian side in “dangerous maneuvers” during the approach to the “closed water area of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation”, calling the actions of Ukraine in the Kerch Strait “provocative”.


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