The confrontation between the educated class and power reaches its climax

Противостояние образованного класса и власти достигает своей кульминации

And apparently, Ukraine is a country where history does not teach anyone anything. I will say even more: we have a range of solid rake, and we don’t just walk on them, and have already started to dance. How long will this continue, it is very difficult to predict. Also to be honest, I don’t expect that soon the bottom will be some leaders, I think that the leadership of the country should be people who have triggered the sense of self-preservation and they will adjust in the right direction development strategy of Ukraine. Finally, they will formulate the national idea.

Although, as you know, from the idea to its realization is only one step, but this step can last a lifetime. This confirmation can be of the statements of one member of the government is Yevhen Nyshchuk, knowingly and brazenly pushing the country into turmoil. However, people, as I personally read in social networks, very hard to answer him.

Of course, today, we are experiencing a very deep crisis, otherwise this would have happened. So our politicians and moral authorities of the nation must be constantly talking about the historical lessons about the sequence in the following circuits: unrest – revolution – the civil war, to once again not to fly, not to crash into the blood, as it was in the beginning of the last century. Remember the turmoil in revolutionary Kiev, where anti-Jewish violence, pogroms were only part of the rebellious actions of the crowd and ethnic conflicts of 1917 – 1920 years.

So today the President and the Prime Minister are obliged to make statements and send in the resignation of Yevhen Nyshchuk. The task of the intellectuals, is our – not to stratify the Ukrainian society, and to join it. After all, nothing in Ukraine is harvested in hatred and malice, can’t be positive and constructive. Well, for example, that on 21 November, our police and NG to keep the situation in the center of Kiev. Although in any country, even in the most prosperous as South Korea, if you want you can easily “shake” the situation (TV reports these days about this show).

The only question is how professional do this? But even more dangerous to the state if within the country’s political leaders and national bureaucracies themselves lead to social explosions, political and economic crises. In the case of Yanukovych we have seen the logical end to the vicious and short-sighted management model. But the main thing – the current government almost does not extract any lessons from the past, and still in Ukraine there is a powerful enrichment system in power, and the extent of corruption and the shadow economy already scare even the IMF. It is not the fall, it’s just a collapse. Credit Suisse estimates the falling incomes of Ukrainians 19%, as reported in the Global Wealth report, where the main reason for the decline in household income is the devaluation of the hryvnia.

Without a doubt, Ukraine (and this is repeatedly recognized by leading Western analysts) is on the verge of more powerful crisis. It is not so much financial and not so much the economic crisis as a crisis of confidence. And the main problem in the Ukrainian economy is perekreditovanija businesses and individuals, as well as a huge amount of bad debts and troubled assets that have accumulated in the banking system.

Ukraine is among the countries around it is the poorest. So – modestly, but with a national identity. And the feeling that now we again stand at a crossroads. When nothing is clear, when everyone who receives foreign grants, experimenting with the country. Here’s one of them hopes to “bezviz” and Association with the EU, and someone on the actions of Donald trump and the continuation of sanctions against Russia.

Where political and economic leaders in Ukraine, with its at least one really workable national program? What, for example, was a Program of reforms to save America, which U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt defeated the Great depression. By the way, the Program of reforms of Roosevelt called the New deal, although most of this program would be called “Strong arm”. Roosevelt then made a bet on the intellect, believing that it is time to listen not rich, and smart. Then it started in the U.S. a real battle for power – for some, and for justice for others.

What we now have in Ukraine is? That November 21 was the anniversary of the Maidan, the Day of dignity and freedom, but the tragic events of three years ago and nothing has taught Ukrainian politicians. Moreover, now no one doubt that the poor in spirit a new policy, all its energy was directed solely on their own enrichment, bringing Ukraine to the state of the poorest country in Europe. What else have as a result? The opposition of the Ukrainian educated class and the government reached a climax. If the government do not understand, will not hear and will not make smart conclusions, then we really can expect very dangerous and even terrible days.