The consequence does not exclude that the killing would not Mosiychuk

Следствие не исключает, что убить хотели не Мосийчука

An attempt could be Mosiychuk

The police have three versions in the case of the assassination attempt.

The consequence considers three versions in the case of the assassination of people’s Deputy of the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk. On this day, 26 October, reported the first Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv Pavlo Kononenko, reports UNN.

“We are considering several versions of the crime. The first version is the attempt, as he announced himself a victim – a contract killing. The second version – political activities of Mr. Mosiychuk within the state. Third version – attempted a personal basis,” said Kononenko.

However, he noted that the consequence does not exclude also the version of the assassination of one of the other leaders who were in the building of the channel, as well as the assassination of one of its journalists.

“Any version of the reject will not. We can confidently now say that the attack was precisely Mr. Chairman,” said Kononenko.

In turn, the Prosecutor of Kiev Roman Govda added that the priority is Mosiychuk, “but we do not exclude other versions”.

We will remind, in the evening of 25 November in the center of Kiev there was an explosion in which was wounded the Deputy Mosiychuk. According to reports, when he came out of the room espresso TV channel were blown up parked next to a motorcycle mounted with a explosive device.

As a result of explosion two persons were lost, three more suffered.