The construction of the Corvette ripped off. It is losing Ukraine

Строительство корвета сорвано. Что теряет Украина

Section of the Corvette Vladimir Veliky

Another freeze construction of perspective multipurpose Corvette Vladimir Veliky can result in large fines.

The construction of the Ukrainian Corvette Vladimir the Great, who was to become the first of four ships of the project 58250, back Darts.

Authorities have identified the construction of corvettes 1.4 billion hryvnia. But last week, the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Vice-Admiral Igor Voronchenko said that no such facilities.

This is threatening not only the Ukrainian Navy, but also means considerable losses for the state budget. Корреспондент.net understand the situation.


Once the revival and failure of the Corvette

Development of advanced multifunctional combat ship of the project 58250 was completed in Nikolaevsk the design center of shipbuilding in 2008, and in 2011 the laying of the first Corvette.

The launch was expected in 2012, but the ship was never completed. It was planned to build 12 corvettes by 2026, but subsequently the series was reduced to four ships.

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In the fall of 2017 Ukraine has decided to resume construction of the project 58250, but the first ship, it was decided to take in 2022. Now ready about 70 percent of the hull.

In the beginning of 2018 for the construction of the Corvette Volodymyr the Great allocated $ 1.4 billion. The cost of one such Corvette – $ 300 million.

According to Voronchenko, the future Corvette not only meets the most modern examples of such weapons in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries, its construction will give impetus to the work of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, providing jobs for about nine thousand employees of Mykolaiv and other cities.


The loss of Ukraine because Vladimir the Great

Commander of the naval forces on 5 June said that the entire Ukrainian military shipbuilding industry could collapse if the construction program of project 58250 corvettes will be left without funding.

According to the Vice-Admiral, “all the men of the state signed decree”, but counting stuff is carried out after signing the papers. Voronchenko added that two weeks ago, an order came: the Ministry of defence of Ukraine has no money to Finance corvettes.

The commander of the Navy of Ukraine stated that he appealed to President Petro Poroshenko, Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak, chief of staff armed forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko and many of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada to find the necessary funds.

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In addition to the loss of nine thousand jobs 200 enterprises of foreign partners of Ukraine, pending a “green light” for corvettes, can turn away from Kiev.

Moreover, the failure of the construction can obernutsya for Ukraine with fines and, consequently, losses for the state budget.

Director, information and consulting company Defense Express Serhiy Zgurets told DW that one of the main risks is that work on the Corvette will allow Ukrainian designers and manufacturers to develop and use in practice, the number of so-called “modular” solutions needed for the realization of other, smaller projects.

In particular rocket fallow Deer which were to become part of the “mosquito” fleet of Ukraine (the so-called tactics when against a single large ship are lighter).

Also, the Ukrainian side does not fulfill its obligations to foreign companies which provide for a Corvette most of the equipment and arms of Vladimir the Great. The total amount of penalties can be compared with the amount required for the construction of the whole vessel.


The Ukrainian fleet was gone, along with the Crimea

Three-quarters of the fleet, Ukraine has lost in 2014 as a result of the annexation of Crimea by Russia – together with the major bases of the Ukrainian Navy and ships, boats and auxiliary vessels.

Before the annexation of the Ukrainian Navy was a frigate, a submarine, four corvettes, and 26 auxiliary ships. After the talks, Russia returned part of the ships, but only those that were not in the best condition.

“For the period of the annexation of the Crimea of the eight battle ships were not in the course of only one BDK (large landing ship) Olshanskii, there was a need to repair the main engines,” – said Voronchenko.

The commander of the Navy said that the Corvette Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and the Dnieper, the command ship Slavutych, the minesweeper Cherkassy, and Chernihiv was on the move; anti-submarine Corvette Lutsk was under repair, and submarine Zaporozhye was renovated by 70 percent.

He also said that in the Crimea remained equipment for two battalions of infantry fighting vehicles and two battalions of armored personnel carriers, of which a fifth part had to be repaired. Was ready seven battalions of artillery and four mortar batteries were also ready.

Today in the Ukrainian Navy frigate Hetman Sahaidachny (flagship), the Corvette Vinnitsa, missile boat Pryluky, six artillery boats, command ship Donbas, small reconnaissance ship Pereyaslav, medium landing ship Yury Olefirenko and about 30 ships and boats of the software.

Also include the Ukrainian Navy brigade and several separate battalions of Marines and other ground parts.

Last year the fleet should be four armored type Gyurza-M, two assault boats of the type centaur and one ship of special purpose.

Bronekater are being tested. Gyurza-M equipped with the combat module with automatic cannon, automatic grenade launcher and 7.62 mm machine gun and two anti-tank missile systems Barrier with a laser guidance system.

In addition, by 2020, the naval forces of Ukraine should include three missile boats of the project the DOE. According to expert estimates, Ukraine needs at least 20-25 such ships, to solve at least the most basic task of protecting the waters.

Three years ago, the United States said that Ukraine give two boats to the island, however, they are still in the port of Baltimore.


The Ukrainian Navy – the anchor in the ranking of the armies

In mid-April, were published Global index of military strength Global Firepower, in which Ukraine moved up one rung of the strongest armies in the world and was ranked eighth among European armies.

However, the Ukrainian troops still remained significantly lower than before the beginning of the ATO in the Donbass, despite the combat experience and reform.

The armed forces of Ukraine in the rating of 2018 took the 29th place among 136 countries. However, until 2014, Ukraine in the ranking Global Firepower took 21 place.

The index is based on 55 criteria that determine how a country will be able to fight on land, sea and air. In the calculations there are bonuses and penalties. For example, the penalty will not be imposed if the country is landlocked and will not develop naval forces and Vice versa.

Naval forces have become one of those anchors that are pulling the country down the rankings. In detail, in the material of Ukraine in rating of armies. Why lower than that to ATO.


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