The coolest video of the year 2016. Version Youtube “112 Ukraine”

Самые крутые видео 2016 года. Версия Youtube "112 Украина"

Boyko fights, Rada conciliatory Council of the VR

Video record for the number of hits (over 1.8 million) on the official Youtube channel “112 Ukraine” was the fight leader of the “radicals” of Oleg Lyashko and leader of the “Opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko at the conciliatory Council of the Rada on 14 November.

How it was:

Was the conciliation Board, and the speaker Andriy Parubiy gave the floor to the Oleg Lyashko. He somehow got up, though usually the faction leaders are sitting at a round table. To say Lyashko began fervently and passionately, as usual:

“Boyko, Lyovochkin go to Moscow regional, the instructions get in the Kremlin. Others go for the Brussels regional committees. When the village people go, when the miners, metallurgists, and not MC to to foreign countries? MC need to get their. I have a question for the SBU: why do they go to Moscow and still not in jail?”

After these words quickly, who was sitting next to the leader of the Radical party, rose from his seat, grabbed Lyashko in the head and struck him with his fist. A fight ensued, which rushed to separate other people’s deputies. Lyashko continued to shout: “why are You still not in jail, you bastard?” And the epithets and the speed does not skimp. When, it would seem that the degree of tension and slept all exhaled, Lyashko continued his speech. However, I could not resist from mentioning “Nedobitko Yanukovych”, then smartly got up again and the fight continued.

The interest of Youtube users has not subsided, and after the incident. As the leader of the “opposition bloc” commented on the statement Lyashko and the subsequent fight, was seen by about 400 thousand people.

“Any time there is resentment in my address, I will act accordingly. And I don’t care what the speaker said,” said the leader of the “opposition bloc”. However, he noted that regrets what happened and apologized to the press and to all present, “except that defendant” fight.

Parasyuk and O. Vilkul fight the building of the channel “112 Ukraine”

The unflagging interest in his exploits among the users of Youtube can boast of independent Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk. This time he started a fight in the building of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” after the broadcast “Evening Prime”, where he was a guest along with the Deputy from “opposition bloc” Oleksandr Vilkul. The punch looked to 1.1 million people.

How it was:

To “boil” Parasyuk began to air on “112”, when asked in social networks, what to do with Vilkul, which have to intersect in the “Prime Evening”: “My opponent is a separatist politician. What do I do? Can I … ?” After the air Parasyuk advised Vilkul to find words about the independence and myself predicted the eleventh criminal case after the broadcast on the “112” on September 22. The tension grew, skirmishes became more powerful, however, until the end of the broadcast Parasyuk tolerated. But after began to break into the room, where he was a politician, and when have waited the opponent, a fight broke out, which was separated by the guard.

Then ardent opponents moved to the yard of the channel, where Parasyuk switched to the driver of the car Vilkul and said he intends to pick up the car colleagues on the needs of the ATO.

Later Parasyuk staged a verbal argument with the driver of the car Vilkul in the Parking lot. He also said that he intends to pick up the car for the ATO, and spoiled the hood unflattering inscription.

“Whose car? Vilkul? TSE is a gift from parasuco Ukraine for Donbass. You do not care that machine, you’re such a hundred will buy,” said Parasyuk.

Then in the Parking lot there was another clash between Parasyuk and one of the guards of the administration, the police came… And again Youtube users closely followed the development of events after the fight (almost 500 thousand views).

Parasyuk in the Parliament is fighting with the Deputy Kolesnikov

All the same Vladimir Parasyuk in summer was not less active. Among the TOP 3 videos with more than 360 thousand hits him fight in the Parliament with the Deputy from “opposition bloc” Dmitry Kolesnikov.

How it was:

Angered parasiuk performance Kolesnikova was devoted to the work of the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy: he behalf of his party demanded his re-election. Parasyuk, being a majority of the people’s Deputy from the Lviv region protested the interference in the Affairs of his district. After which Parliament began the traditional scuffle: some of the deputies were separated, someone dodged the blows, the speaker called for a stop to the mess and to avoid provocations. Parasiuk was calmed down. And Parubiy, the result urged not to resort to Parliament to “Russian propaganda”.

Groisman criticizes the response of Deputy Prime Minister Zubkov said on the question of MP

A good response to Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman to the subordinate Gennady Zubko aroused the interest of Youtube users, despite the fact that in this case, prior to use of physical force in Parliament never came. Anyway, a tough management style of the head of government was hotly debated in the media and social networks, and the phrase from the Prime Minister “one More time I’ll tell you… I was kicked out” in the winged.

How it was:

At the Parliament session on Friday, September 9, unaffiliated MP Oleg Musiy asked the head of the government, why still not solved the problem with a smoldering slag heap in the Lviv region. The MP said that Zubko and Ministers on this issue, send him replies.

Groysman asked the Vice-Prime Minister to answer Musia. However, Zubko did not do, and, addressing the head of the government said that the problem of waste heaps in Lviv “I instructed the state emergency service” and added: “I do with it?” In response, Groisman, turning off his microphone Zubko told the following: “You do so again say, I would drive you away. Do you understand me?” After that the Prime Minister, referring to Musiy, said: “We will understand.”

Zubko, the remark of chief responded philosophically. “Today, all working in very arduous conditions. It’s work things,” he commented later.

The court questioned Yanukovych videoconference

Over a million views collected on Youtube videotapes Viktor Yanukovych in Rostov court about the events of the Maidan, as well as all accompanying events.

How it was:

The interrogation had managed to hold at the second attempt, on November 28. All looked forward, however, to the disappointment trial, Yanukovych with little recollection of the events on the Maidan. While answering questions in a disciplined manner, all 7 hours.

Basically, he denied everything. It was not, in his version, nor instructions on the execution of the Maidan, no contact with Surkov and even with Putin. The orders of Yanukovych as President, nor to fire nor to stop it, is also not allowed.

Yanukovych recalled that on February 20 I woke up early, probably at his residence. Who and how he reported about the massacre in the capital, he can’t remember exactly, but usually such help came in the morning, six o’clock or seven.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko to Svyatoshynsky court read Viktor Yanukovych notice of suspicion of treason. According to him, the message on suspicion includes more than 20 pages. The suspicion concerned a letter of Yanukovych to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to enter into Ukraine troops.

The result, as they say, continues. The GPU is waiting for Yanukovych in Ukraine.

Poroshenko devout waiting for the next tranche of the IMF

Not deprived of attention of Youtube users “112 Ukraine” the statement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The head of state, speaking about the next tranche of the IMF, crossed.

How it was:

It was at the opening of a kindergarten in Dnepropetrovsk region. Poroshenko said on the tranche of the IMF, the ProZorro and even the military budget.

“May God forgive you! – crossed Poroshenko. – Tomorrow, September 14, we will have another 1 billion tranche of the IMF, which builds the Foundation for our reforms”.

In kindergarten Poroshenko was baptized twice. Other times – when out of habit called Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. He is there and visa-free regime in October said.

Savchenko is back in Ukraine and spoke

The outgoing year will be remembered for the return to Ukraine Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko. Ex-prisoner immediately began to shock the citizens with its rhetoric. Most liked by the Youtube users channel “112 Ukraine” the following two. On the ground Savchenko with her customary bluntness strong words describes the work of Parliament. And the second commented on your wardrobe.