The counters will only work correctly when they are installed in 75% of homes – Stashuk

Счетчики будут работать корректно только тогда, когда они будут установлены в 75% квартир, - Сташук

MP from the faction “people’s front” Vitaly Stashuk in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 30.11.16

The metering devices will work correctly only when they are equipped with three-fourths of the apartments. This was stated by MP from the “NF” Vitaly Stashuk, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Correctly, the counters will only work in the case where they will be installed in at least 75% of the apartments,” said Stashuk.

According to him, the installation of meters would continue for 20 years.

“The fare is calculated in each region individually and depends on the cost for each telekompanii. And this rate has not been included 100% of the equipment counter. Each company submitted its investment plan, which provided a certain level of installation of metering devices for a certain period. But as it was smeared on the overall rate, it gave the right companies for years to pull this question. And that is why the government has decided to expedite the matter in this somewhat exotic way. If it stated only the investment component of the tariff, for the installation of meters would have gone 20 years”, – said the MP.

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We will remind, today Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman instructed local authorities to charge for heat only on the counter. If metering is not, it is recommended to take the average amount of counters per square meter.

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