The country of contraband. New problems at customs

Страна контрабанды. Новые проблемы на таможне

To combat smuggling will come up with a new body

The authorities promise to actively reform the customs, but so far the change process has stalled.

The customs reform, the new Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman was named one of the top priorities in your work, immediately after his appointment to the new position.

The Prime Minister has voiced and losses of the state from abuse by the customs, and managed to report that all corrupt officials of customs was dismissed, though the specific names of those who lost their jobs, Groisman did not call.

Meanwhile, to dismiss the head of the State fiscal service of the Roman Nasirov due to problems at customs asked more often.

Is the government still only meet promises on the formation of new special units to to combat smuggling. was apprised of the situation at customs.

Steal a lot

Immediately after the appointment of the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman said that because of corruption and shadow schemes at the customs the Ukrainian budget, according to experts, annually loses 50 billion hryvnia.

“Any country or me personally, the situation at customs, not satisfied,” – said the head of government.

Groisman also announced plans to reform customs, which provide for the simplification of customs procedures and bring them into compliance with European standards, the transfer of services to electronic format, the creation of a system of “single window”, the improvement of exchange of information with foreign colleagues.

The priority tasks facing the leadership of the SFS and customs, were determined implementation automated system of distribution of returns, the introduction of video recording of customs procedures, improvement of the risk management system and the creation of “single window”.

The result on paper

Yesterday the Prime Minister has already reported the first results of the customs.

Groisman announced the dismissal of all heads of customs in respect of which were recorded abuse and trafficking”.

The Prime Minister did not name the names of the dismissed officials and their positions.

Riot customs

In the near future to combat smuggling will be created 20 mobile inter-Agency teams, said the head of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov.

“20 mobile teams will be created and will work primarily on the Western border as well as in Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions. The main task now is to cover the entire Western border. Since September of this year we plan to use them on the southern border, and then on the border from Kharkiv to Zhitomir”, – Nasirov said.

He expressed confidence that the customs service will be able to perform tasks set by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, about the increase in customs duties in the next few months.

Groisman and even promised to create a new body to combat smuggling.

“We are working on creating a body of so-called “Black hundreds”, which will deal with the fight against the signs of smuggling,” he said.

The conflict in Odessa

The ongoing conflict of the head of the fiscal service Nasirov with the head of the Odessa customs the Yulia Marushevska.

A number of heads of regional customs offices have signed an appeal to Nasirova with the requirement to dismiss Marushevska.

According to the Iran’s foreign Minister, to sign this document officials forced himself Nasirov.

“I have three of reprimand and sack me easy, but the head of the SFS is afraid to take on this responsibility. He made heads of regional customs offices sign a document in which those asking for my dismissal. Shameful behavior, especially for a Manager at this level. Roman Nasirov has once again confirmed that he’s part of the corrupt system and teeth hold on to his seat” – she wrote in Facebook.

According to the Iran’s foreign Minister, Nasirov has launched “Sochinskiy” the mechanism that was used to displace Prosecutor David Sakvarelidze, then, too, the heads of the regional Prosecutor requested to dismiss Shokin Sakvarelidze.

She added that she is not afraid of dismissal and Nasirova was asked whether he was afraid of losing himself to the position.

In a letter to the heads of customs resent the behavior of Iran’s foreign Minister, accused her of insubordination, misappropriation of other people’s merits, too loud PR, violations of the law and so on.

It is significant that at the end of the letter is given a list of 24 regional customs, but signatures are only near 13.

In turn the Governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili has long called Groisman fire Nasirov.

“If Nasirov will remain for another month, so everything will be as we warned. Not even a month – two weeks. This means that the smuggling mafia has finally won in Ukraine”, – said Saakashvili.

Moskal also against Nasirov

It is because of the actions of management Gospitalniy service wanted to resign from his post Transcarpathian Governor Gennady Moskal.

His decision to dismiss the head of region explained by the fact that in Transcarpathia “trying to restore the system smuggling of tobacco products, using the influence of Ukrainian political figures and heads of separate departments”.

“In February this year was an attempt to restore the Transcarpathian customs of the so-called “Institute looking”, to prevent which was possible thanks to the active position of concerned citizens”, – said Moskal.

He also said that on April 30 for the position of Deputy chief of customs – the chief of Department on struggle against smuggling was urgently appointed Andrew Crimean, who worked as an assistant-consultant of people’s Deputy Valery Packan.

“According to available information Nasirov has already appointed acting head of the Transcarpathian customs. Emphasize that with the Transcarpathian regional state administration this appointment was not consistent”, – said Moskal.

“Let me draw an analogy. In Odessa region the Chairman of regional state administration, Saakashvili is opposed to the “nut mafia”, and on the Carpathians I have to fight with “tobacco mafia”. As a result, we both lost it,” he added.

However, Nasirov any changes in the Zakarpatye customs deny.