The court again extended the arrest of former regional Ephraim

Суд снова продлил арест экс-регионалу Ефремову

Starobilsk district court of Lugansk region extended the measure Oleksandr Yefremov in the form of detention.

The former Chairman of fraction of Party of regions Alexander Efremov Starobilsk district court of Lugansk region extended the measure of restraint in the form of detention until 31 January 2019. This was in the night of Tuesday, December 4, the lawyer said Andrey Smirnov on Facebook.

According to him, this is the 14th extension of the arrest of Ephraim. According to counsel, the decision to extend the measure of restraint was adopted with violations of the law.

As said the defender, Ephraim was supposed to deliver in the hospital, to court there arrived the ambulance. After that, his power was taken from the ambulance and was again taken to the courtroom, where he took the decision to extend the measure.

Smirnov also noted that the court did not give the words nor the defence, nor the accused.

Earlier in October the court left Ephraim in custody until December 3.

It was also reported that the Prosecutor General’s office completed the investigation concerning the companions of Ephraim.

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