The court and the law on elections. What the opposition demands?

Суд и закон о выборах. Что требует оппозиция?

What are the prospects for the adoption of laws which insist the protesters.

While under the Verkhovna Rada clashes, and starts to operate a camp, somehow walked away actually requirements, for which the action began.

Initially, the organizers of the rally demanded the abolition of parliamentary immunity, the creation of an anti-corruption court and the enactment of a new electoral law. figured out how things are going with each of the demands of the protesters.

Parliamentary immunity

With this point things are the simplest. Now in Parliament there are three draft laws on removal of inviolability from deputies. One – No. 1776 propose to deprive of immunity of MPs and judges. The second – No. 6773 authorship of 158 MPs, provides for the abolition of immunity immediately. And the third is the presidential, which was filed on the first day of action – October 17, the inviolability of deputies propose to abolish in 2020.

The Committee on judicial policy and justice recommends that the Verkhovna Rada to withdraw the first bill, and the other two to send to the constitutional court.

You need to understand that to cancel Deputy immunity tomorrow or this week will not work – this is quite a lengthy procedure. The abolition of immunity provides for amendments to the Constitution. For this you first need to send the draft to the constitutional court, and then at the next session to make it a constitutional majority of the members of the Parliament not less than 300 votes behind.

That is, even under the best of circumstances, before February 2018, the parliamentary immunity can never be overturned.

Anti-corruption court

President Petro Poroshenko had initially opposed creation of the Ukrainian anti-corruption court. He liked the initiative with the anti-corruption chamber. Then, after the position of the Western partners, he supported the idea of creating an anti-corruption court. But the problem is that such a law currently in the Parliament there.

The laws about anti-corruption court, which was rejected by the Venice Commission. The Commission said that Poroshenko brought in Parliament a new draft law on the anti-corruption court. The President says he is ready to do it, but first, let the members will establish a working group will develop an agreed draft law that will satisfy everyone, and then he will make it.

Working group – according to the old Ukrainian tradition is the best way of issue at all to bury. So while the MPs demand from the President of the law. That is the issue with the court at least quickly and easily now, too, not to solve it.

The law on elections

Most of the parties included in Parliament, promised to change the electoral system with a mixed proportional with open lists. Now half of the Parliament elected on party lists, half in majority constituencies. All are invited to vote for party lists, maybe open, maybe closed.

“If we elect a new Parliament, we must elect for the new rules of the game. This implies a new election law. The current law about elections too old. The new government can be built on it, because half of the MPs do not represent anyone or anything but their own corrupt interests, and not sitting on the hook of corruption or law enforcement agencies,” – says MP Serhiy Leshchenko, one of the initiators of the shares under the Rada.

Leshchenko also said that updating the law on elections is not a fad, but an important component for a European state.

Now in Parliament there are five draft laws on electoral legislation. The MPs themselves have little faith in that at least one of them can pass.

“I can guarantee that none of the 5 bills in the session hall not pass”, – said the representative of the Cabinet in Parliament Vadim Denisenko.

He stressed that changing the electoral system will not ensure the next Parliament.

“I understand that everyone is very nice nice to say that changing the law will change Verkhovna Rada, but this is an absolute lie. The biggest problem with elections is the issue of bribery of voters, and that voter wants to sell his vote,” – said Denisenko.

Unofficially, the coalition noted that while the statement about the necessity of changing the electoral system is nothing more than talk. Meanwhile, work is already underway on the painting of deputies on majority districts for future elections.