The court announced the indictment of the former head of the LC Carpenter

Суд озвучил обвинительный акт экс-главе ЛНР Плотницкому

Carpenter on trial in absentia in the case of the downed Il-76 over the Lugansk

In September we will announce the civil claims of the victims in the case families to the defendants, as well as to the Ukrainian government and the Treasury.

Krasnogvardeysky district court of the Dnieper announced the indictment against the former leader of the self-proclaimed LNR Igor Carpenter about downed plane Il-76 with 49 Ukrainian military in June 2014 near the city of Lugansk. On Tuesday, August 14, according to Radio Liberty with reference to the lawyer of the families of the dead soldiers Vitaly Pogosyan.

The defendants in this case are also the representatives of the LNR Alexander Gureev and Andrei Patrushev.

According to Poghosyan, at the next meeting on 13 September will announce civil claims of the victims families to the defendants, as well as to the Ukrainian government and the Treasury. These refer to compensation for moral damages to the victims – 500 thousand hryvnias.

“The case is already starting to consider the merits. Declare claims, interrogate the victims, then the case, and witnesses will have to come to a verdict. I guess, another six months will need” – said Pogosyan.

According to him, the most important thing for him as a representative of the families of the deceased civil claims of the victims.

“We are unlikely to see the court of Carpentry and will be able to obtain from him compensation, but at the same time, we filed civil suits in the Cabinet of Ministers and the state Treasury. Those two on which we want to collect money for moral damage. We start from the law of Ukraine On combating terrorism, where there is a clear rule about who will bear the losses for this type of offence. Similarly with the case of Nazarov – we filed lawsuits, particularly in the defense Ministry and the state Treasury,” – said Pogosyan.

Recall, 14 June, 2014 at the LC knocked transport aircraft Il-76, calling on landing at the airport of Lugansk. All 49 servicemen who were on Board were killed.

In the courts of Dnipropetrovsk while listen two cases related to the tragedy.

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