The court arrested former MP Kryuchkov

Суд арестовал экс-нардепа Крючкова

Dmitry Kryuchkov is a defendant in the case of assignment of the 346 million hryvnia

The judge partially granted the request of anti-corruption authorities about the arrest of the former head of the company Grid.

The Solomensky district court of Kiev arrested the former MP, ex-Chairman of the Board of the holding company Dmitry Grid Krychova with the pledge of 7.11 million. It is reported by the Slovo I Delo on Wednesday, April 17.

It is noted that the decision was announced by judge Maxim vishniac upon consideration of the petition to the NEB agreed with the pad.

The Prosecutor SAP Vitaliy Kravets asked the court to take into custody Kryuchkov with alternative collateral, 346 million. He said the petition argued that former MP for two years hiding from the investigation and was wanted, and therefore there is a risk of repeated travel outside Ukraine. Portnoy added that Kryuchkov has refugee status in the Russian Federation that allows him to live there. Besides, the suspect has a flat in Bratislava and Vienna, which has the opportunity to live.

The Prosecutor justified such a large amount of collateral that financial situation Kryuchkov allows him to make the same amount. In particular, the former MP did not cause difficulties to pay 100 thousand Euro Deposit, which identified him with the German court. Hooks also declared that in 2018 a net income of 10 thousand euros a month and continued to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

The lawyer of former MP Alexander Lysak objected to the approval of the application and considered that the suspicion is unfounded. He also added that the size of the pledge, which asks a consequence, is excessive for Kryuchkov. Lisak said that according to an arrest report from Kryuchkov found 341 euros, passport and phone.

The lawyer added that the former MP agreed to facilitate the procedure of his extradition from Germany to Ukraine, but because of the risk of further shelter wedsite. In the end the lawyer asked the court to reject entirely the petition of militiamen.

Earlier Wednesday, a former lawmaker Dmitry Kryuchkov gave evidence in the case of corruption in the energy sector of Ukraine. He stated that he worked with “the people.” as the head of the Board of HC Grid.

Recall, April 15, Dmitry Kryuchkov was astredinova from Germany. The police arrested him at the international airport Boryspil.

In Ukraine Hooks was wanted since may of 2017.

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