The court arrested half of the shares of Motor Sich

Суд арестовал половину акций Мотор Сичи

The decision is subject to immediate execution.

The Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev arrested 851 994 shares of Motor Sich, located on the accounts of five companies registered in the virgin Islands and Panama. The relevant text of the regulations published in the register of court decisions.

According to the document, accounts opened in the Depositary institution dragon Capital, arrested in connection with the manufacture of the SBU under the articles of part 1 of article 14 (preparation of a crime), and 113 (Sabotage) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

It is established that officials of Motor Sich has sold a controlling stake to foreign companies affiliated with the Chinese firm Beijing Skyrizon.

“Acting on a prior agreement between themselves, with the aim of weakening the state by destruction of the specified enterprise as an object with important economic and defensive value (the only enterprise in Ukraine on manufacture of civil and military aircraft engines), has carried out a number of transactions of purchase and sale of a controlling stake in favour of foreign companies Business House Helena, AG (Panama), Enfields Trade & Capital Corp. (Panama), Waldo Trade Ltd. (Virgin Islands), Granum Corporation (Panama), Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited (virgin Islands), Likatron Enterprises Limited (Cyprus), Ventalina Management Ltd (Nevis) who intend to move assets and production facilities of the companies outside of Ukraine, which will lead to its removal and destruction”, – is spoken in the decision of the court.

Only at the request of the investigator, the court imposed a lien on sold 56,009% of the shares of Motor Sich, which provided attackers full control over the enterprise. The decision is subject to immediate execution.

Earlier it was reported that over abuse at the Zaporozhye plant Motor Sich openly some criminal proceedings.