The court arrested the former”Minister” of the Crimea

Суд арестовал экс-"министра" Крыма

Peter Michalczewski

To serve the arrest Michalczewski would be in jail.

Kherson city court arrested a month without the right of bail the former “Minister of health of the Crimea” Peter Mihalkovskogo. The corresponding decision the court took on Monday, January 8.

To serve the arrest Michalczewski will be in jail Kherson, the press service of the Prosecutor of the Crimea.

At the hearing, Michalczewski said he did not plead guilty and do was not going to run, and in the Kherson court came from Kiev itself on your car.

In turn, the prosecution asked the court to appoint Mihalkovskogo a measure of restraint in form of arrest for a period up to 60 days without the right to bail, plans to appeal.

Recall Mihalkovskogo detained in Kiev on 5 January.