The court arrested the kidnappers of ex-FSB Bogdanov

Суд арестовал похитителей экс-ФСБшника Богданова

The kidnapping was organized by ex-Deputy of Kharkiv regional Council.

Goloseevsky regional court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint ex-to the Deputy of Kharkiv regional Council and his two accomplices, who organized the kidnapping and relocation to the territory of the Russian Federation former FSB officer Ilya Bogdanov. This is stated in the message of Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv.

So, the ex-Deputy of the court elected a measure of restraint in form of detention for a term until January 12. Two accomplices, who were secretly transported across the border Bogdanov, the court elected the measure of restraint in form of detention and round-the-clock house arrest.

At present pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings proceeds. Establishes the participation of other persons in the Commission of these crimes.

We will remind, participants of criminal group headed eks-the Deputy of Kharkiv regional Council, was detained in a joint special operation of the prosecutors office, DVB-Ukraine Ukraine and the SBU. Then was the release of former-FSB officer Bogdanova, but the Network video release Bogdanova called a fake. He Bogdanov explained that the video release was filmed during the investigative experiment.

Ex-FSB Bogdanov spoke about his kidnapping