The court arrested the organizer of the “private boundaries” in Transcarpathia

Суд арестовал организатора "частной границы" на Закарпатье

Docks arrested for two months

The judge set bail in the amount of 30 million UAH.

Shevchenko district court of Lviv has chosen the organizer of the so-called “private boundaries” in Transcarpathia a measure of restraint in form of detention for a period of 60 days. Therefore, the judge granted the request of the military Prosecutor of the Western region of Ukraine, the press service of the GPU.

Alternatively, the court determined the amount of the Deposit in 30 million.

Gorvat of Attila the Hun, nicknamed the Docks can think of taking in the group with officials of the Goszemagentstva in the Transcarpathian region through nominees land of the border strip area of over 130 ha.

Currently, the offender is reported about suspicion in Commission of crimes. Establishes the involvement of other persons to commit criminal offences.

As reported in Mukachevo on November 16, law enforcement officers conducted a large-scale special operation, which resulted in the detained resident of the village of Big byihan ‘ Gorvat Attila the Hun, nicknamed the Docks for smuggling.