The court at the Maidan in Russia has no legal consequences for Ukraine – the Ministry of justice

Суд по Майдану в РФ не имеет юридических последствий для Украины – Минюст

The justice Ministry commented on the decision of court about the coup in Ukraine

The decision of the Moscow trial of the coup in Ukraine has no legal consequences.

First Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostianova said that the recognition by the court in Moscow Euromaidan “coup” does not bear any legal consequences for Ukraine, channel 5 reports.

“For us it’s very simple in this matter. One of the traitors of Ukraine, former people’s deputies has filed a suit in a country that has no jurisdiction on this issue. Pocket court Mr. Putin considered this issue and made this decision, which was given to him to make, and for us it has no legal effects and not even here to respond. This is one of the acts of the Russian propaganda, which attempts simply under the guise of the court to continue its aggressive policies,” said Sevostyanova.

Earlier it was reported that a court in Moscow has recognized the coup the Revolution of dignity in Ukraine in 2014.

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