The court denied the activist to translate speech Zelensky

Суд отказал активисту перевести выступления Зеленского

Zelensky have refused to translate his speech

Vladimir Zelensky performed on an Internet forum may 23, in Russian. Svyatoslav Litynskiy required to provide Ukrainian translation of the President.

Lviv activist Svyatoslav Litynskiy lost the court to the Office of the President. The man demanded to provide Ukrainian translation Russian speech Zelensky on IForum. This man told the portal

According to Lisinskoga, he at first received no response to the appeal. More than 30 days when he filed a lawsuit in court, representatives of the President’s Office said that the transfer will not provide.

In his appeal in the Lviv district administrative court asked to recognize illegal the inactivity of the Office of the President concerning improper consideration of the citizen and provide a written translation of the statement.

The judge Rostislav Moskal denied the claims of the activist. In the Office the delay was explained by the reorganization of the Administration. Also noted that the implementation of the translation of the speeches of the President at events that are not associated with the implementation of the powers provided by law.

The decision of the institution provided that on the official website of the President published two publications on the performance. Therefore, the assertion of the plaintiff is groundless.

Svyatoslav will appeal.

Earlier it was reported that Avakov sued for speaking in Russian. Lviv activist demands to oblige the interior Ministry to provide a translation of the speech of the Minister in the Ukrainian language.

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