The court fined the Director of NABU on the claim NACP

Суд оштрафовал директора НАБУ по иску НАПК

Artem Sytnik

Artem Sytnik has not provided fully NACP requested Agency documents, in the case of a possible conflict of interests at rush.

The Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Sytnyk Wednesday, January 17, was found guilty of committing an administrative offense and fined 1700 UAH. The corresponding decision was made by the Solomensky district court of Kiev, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

As noted, the rush offense was non-compliance with NACP on providing the documents in case of a possible conflict of interest Director of NABU.

According to NACP, Director of the NAB provided with violation of the statutory period requested by the Agency copies of documents and information, and provided they are not in full. Requests were made regarding possible violations by employees of the NABU legislation on prevention and settlement of conflict of interests. In particular, we are talking about what Sytnik instructed the head of the legal Department of the NAB Igor Archko to represent him in court.

Earlier, the Director of the Bureau told reporters that we are talking about the fact that he allegedly used the legal possibilities of NABOO in their own interest.

He stated that when the NABOO or its Director be party to a dispute, then their interests are represented, on the basis of power of attorney of the head of NABOO, the representative of the legal Department of the Bureau.

“Why is the conclusion that I used it in some personal interests, I do not know. It was a performance not of my personal interests and the interests of the Director of NABU,” – said Sytnik.

Later in the NAB said that NACP in July of 2017 found that disturbance had the right to give instructions to the head of the legal Department of the Bureau to represent him in the proceedings in the administrative case.

Recall, the NAB submitted the documents at the NACP in the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office.

As reported, Poroshenko has opposed the war between the NABOO and the NACP.