The court has arrested a mother whose child died of starvation

Суд арестовал мать, ребенок которой умер от голода

The court arrested the mother who abandoned children alone for nine days

A grief-mother arrested for 60 days without the right of bail.

Press Secretary of Kyiv Prosecutor’s office Hope maksimets said in Facebook that at the request of the Kiev local Prosecutor’s office No. 1 court has arrested a mother who left two young children, for 2 months without the right of bail.

Earlier the Prosecutor’s office announced the suspected 20-year-old resident of Kiev. The mother’s actions are qualified under part 3 of article 135 of the Criminal code (leaving in danger, which entailed death of the person).

As reported Корреспондент.netthe mother was left unattended in the apartment of two children for nine days. One-year-old boy died and for the lives of two girls fighting doctors.