The court has arrested a teacher suspected of selling 13-year-old girl in the Kharkiv region

Суд арестовал учительницу, подозреваемую в продаже 13-летней девочки в Харьковской области

The teacher Ljubotinskaya special boarding school “Dyvosvit” Galina Kovalenko

The Kiev district court of Kharkiv has satisfied a petition of the investigator and arrested the teacher Ljubotinskaya special boarding school “Dyvosvit” Galina Kovalenko suspected of selling 13-year-old pupils, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“To apply the Kovalenko Galina Ivanovna the measure of restraint in form of detention in the Kharkiv institution of punishment… until January 19, 2017 to Determine bail in the amount of 413 thousand 400 UAH”, – leads edition of an excerpt from the definition given by judge Kostiantyn Sadovsky.

It is noted that during the meeting on election of a measure of restraint, the teacher denied his guilt, objected to satisfaction of the petition of the Prosecutor’s office asked the court to take any preventive measure not involving detention.

As reported, on 21 November while trying to sell over 13.5 thousand. 13-year-old pupil was detained by the teacher in special boarding school in the Kharkiv region.

According to the Prosecutor of the region, under the pretext of the arrival of relatives of the woman brought the child for the school grounds and planted in the car “buyers”. The woman expressed absolute indifference to the fate of the girl. When she hinted that the child needs healthy, for a fee, she provided a medical certificate. When the buyers asked if she was afraid that her client gets, for example, slavery, the woman said, “I don’t care”.

The teacher declared suspicion under part 3 of article 149 of the criminal code (trafficking in persons committed against a minor).