The court has deprived of the driving licence of the driver of the infamous BMW Grachevskogo

Суд лишил водительских прав скандально известного водителя BMW Храпачевского

Goloseevsky district court for two years deprived of the driving license of the driver of the infamous BMW Rostislav Grachevskogo that night, February 7 at high speed tried to escape from the Metropolitan police, which subsequently led to the death of 17-year-old passenger of a BMW. About it reports “Today”.

“The court decided to take away from Grachevskogo two years of law for certain egregious violations. And soon he will have to answer once again — for disobeying the police (it provides for liability in the form of an opinion)”, – stated in the message.

It is emphasized that Grachevskiy on the court and the judge read the verdict in an empty room.

We will remind, at night on 7 February, in Kiev Rostislav Grachevskiy not stop at the request of the police, when he tried to escape. During the pursuit a patrol used firearms, having shot 17-year-old passenger BMW Mikhail Medvedev.

March 2, Holosiyivsky court in Kyiv released under the personal obligation of the driver of the BMW Grepachevskaya Rostislav, who later changed the measure of restraint on house arrest, and the Appellate court of Kiev released under house arrest a police officer Sergei Oleynik, who shot a teenager and was in jail.