The court in Georgia overturned the punishment for marijuana use in small doses

Суд в Грузии отменил наказание за употребление марихуаны в малых дозах

Marijuana seized in Kropiwnicki, 14 Dec 2016

The constitutional court of Georgia satisfied the claim of the public defender to abolish articles of the Criminal code and Code of administrative offences providing punishment in the form of imprisonment for the consumption or the purchase of marijuana for personal use in small amounts, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

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“The constitutional court of Georgia considered that the rule about the use of small amounts of marijuana, as well as the acquisition, possession and production for personal use, repeats the meaning already recognized unconstitutional regulations and recognized the disputed norm as unconstitutional” – said the press service of the court.

It is noted that the claim was justified because the punishment prescribed in these cases, is excessive and violates the dignity of the person.

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The report says that the constitutional court took into production the claims and the disputed norms, which provide for imprisonment for the use of, as well as the acquisition, possession and production in small volumes and other types of drugs.

Recently in Georgia have intensified a public campaign demanding the decriminalization of drugs, increasingly held protests demanding cancellation of criminal liability for the consumption of marijuana and other soft drugs. In turn, the authorities declare their readiness to amend the existing legislation taking into account international experience and reform in drug policy.

According to official data, the most common in Georgia drug is marijuana – it uses 63.9% of the total number of addicts. Under the criminal code of the country, for the possession and distribution of marijuana determined a prison sentence to 11 years, and for her use – up to 1 year in prison or a fine.

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