The court in the Hague took up the case of Ilovaisk

Суд в Гааге занялся делом об Иловайском котле

The court in the Hague finds out whether the murders of the Ukrainian fighters in Ilovaisk in 2014.

Office of the Prosecutor of the International criminal court began reviewing information to determine whether the jurisdiction of the ICC the death of the Ukrainian military in Ilovaisk in 2014. On Monday, October 30, UNIAN reports with reference to Ukrainian Ambassador to the Netherlands Vsevolod Chentsova.

According to him, the inquiry procedure under the ICC differs from national procedures.

“Officially, the office of the Prosecutor of the ICC opened a preliminary examination of the situation in Ukraine. At this stage, the analysis is performed in order to determine whether signs of possible crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the court under the Rome Statute,” said Chentsov.

The Ambassador said that at this stage, the ICC Prosecutor is not gathering evidence on their own, and uses information obtained from reliable sources such as individuals, organizations, States.

“Now the district attorney’s office in analyzing the situation in Ukraine is at the stage of establishing the jurisdiction of the ICC in relation to events which occurred or occur in the country,” said Chentsov.

The Ambassador reminded that in the annual report of the ICC Prosecutor were to assess the progress in the study of the situation in Ukraine.

“The report for the year 2016, the district attorney’s office preliminarily concluded that between Ukraine and Russia there is an international armed conflict in the East of Ukraine, and also takes place the actual Russian occupation of the Crimea and Sevastopol. Should now be set to the degree of Russian support to armed separatist groups in Eastern Ukraine”, – said Chentsov.

“If the Prosecutor concludes that the available information is sufficient grounds for commencement of a formal investigation, he will refer to the pre-trial Chamber of the ICC with a request to allow his conduct,” added the Ambassador.

At the same time Chentsov drew attention to the fact that, since Ukraine has not ratified the Rome Statute but accepted the jurisdiction of the ICC, the decision-making process about the start of the trial will be quite difficult.

“After being studied, even if the Prosecutor comes to the conclusion that there are grounds to initiate an investigation, the appropriate decision will be taken by pre-trial chamber of the ICC. But the state that is a party to the Rome Statute, is entitled to initiate the beginning of the investigation – here the decision of pre-trial chamber is not required. If Ukraine will ratify the Rome Statute, it will extend the procedural capabilities of our state. Simply put, after the ratification of the ICC Prosecutor can decide to initiate an investigation at the request of Ukraine”, – said Chentsov.

Earlier, the PGO officially accused Russia in Ilovaiskaya boiler.