The court in the river banned “Union of Soviet officers”

Суд в Днепре запретил "Союз советских офицеров"

Marsh “Union of Soviet officers” may 9, 2014

The plaintiff in the case was made by the city Department of justice.

In the river District administrative court decided to ban public organization the Union of Soviet officers, reports Radio Liberty.

It is noted that the court issued a decision after reviewing and hearing the testimony of witnesses regarding the events of March 2014.

According to one of the witnesses in the case, in March 2014, is a public Association “committed actions aimed at the elimination of Ukraine’s independence, urged the neighboring country to the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

“They continued their illegal activities even in may 2017, when on 9 may near the monument to General Pushkin threatened the women with the symbols of Ukrainian violence through violence,” said a witness.

According to other evidence in March 2014 at the meetings the members of the organization said that waiting for the “Russian liberation army”.

The head of the Union of Soviet officers Victor Marchenko said in a telephone comment to Radio Liberty that he considers the charges against the organization are unfounded.

He does not deny that in the spring of 2014 raised the Russian tricolour at city hall, but only “as a sign of friendship of Ukraine and Russia”.

We will remind, in Ukraine since 15 June officially banned the wearing and promotion of the St. George ribbon.

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