The court issued a “secret” sentence ally of Saakashvili

Суд вынес "секретный" приговор соратнику Саакашвили

In the NCR believe that Dangadze made a deal with the investigation under pressure

The sentence Severiano Dangadze, who is accused of attempting to organize a coup, banned to disclose.

The Pechersky regional court of Kiev on may 24 sentenced a member of the party of Mikhail Saakashvili movement of new forces Severiano Dangadze, who made a deal with the investigation and, as consider in party, he did it under pressure.

In the Unified register of court decisions has information about making this decision, but stated that the information is “prohibited for publication in accordance with paragraph 4 of part 1 of article 7 of the law of Ukraine “On access to judicial decisions”.

Paragraph 4 of part 1 of article 7 of this law States that in the texts of court decisions open for General access, can not be disclosed such information as “the information, to protect which the proceedings or the taking of certain procedural steps took place in a closed hearing”.

As the registry on may 22, Kyiv Pechersk court received the indictment in criminal proceedings No. 42017000000004873 of December 4, 2017 of committing crimes under part 3. part 4 of article 28 110-2 (financing of actions committed to forcibly change or overthrow the constitutional order or seizure of state power, changes of borders of the territory or state border of Ukraine); part 1 of article 15, part 3 of article 28, part 2 of article 256; part 1 article 15 of part 3 of article 28 and part 4 of article 110-2 (promotion of members of the criminal organizations and concealment of their criminal activity) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The court is scheduled for may 24 “open preparatory court” for consideration of the indictment with a call to the Prosecutor, the accused and his counsel.

Recall Dangadze was detained December 4, 2017. Law enforcement officials say that he wanted to leave the territory of Ukraine.


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