The court of appeal overturned a ban on the sale of alcohol in Kiosks Kiev

Апелляционный суд отменил запрет на продажу алкоголя в МАФах Киева

Capital entrepreneurs has won a lawsuit against the city authorities for the lifting of the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in Kiosks. This was announced by MP of Ukraine, Advisor to the mayor on issues of improvement Dmitry Belotserkovets, transfers “Ukrainian truth. Kiev”.

“Mahovici won court in the first instance, the city appealed. Today, the case was considered by the court of Appeal. There was a lot of mahovikov, clashed, they put pressure on the court, was not allowed into the premises of other activists. Ultimately, the court decided in favor of mahovikov,” Belotserkovets said.

“Now we do not continue the permits to those Kiosks that sell alcohol. But the city Council has registered a draft decision, which crosses out the possibility of the sale of alcohol or beer in kiosks. And this decision will not be able to appeal in court,” he added.

According to Belotserkovets, the city intends to withdraw from the functionality of the Kiosks the concept of “sale of alcohol”. “Previously, the city granted approvals for different functions: food, flowers, Newspapers, cigarettes or alcohol. Now to the functional Kiosks “alcohol” just get. The city has such authority. We are told that the city cannot prohibit the sale of alcohol. Well. But the city has to set the functionality of the Kiosks,” said he.

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We will remind, on October 1, entered into force a ban on the sale of alcohol in the capital’s kiosks. A total ban the sale of alcohol in small architectural forms came into force on April 12, however, through the meetings of the owners of the kiosks, the city authorities postponed the ban.