The court of appeal quashed the arrest of the apartment KASKO

Апелляционный суд отменил арест квартиры Касько

The court of appeal of Kyiv cancelled the decision of the Pechersk district court about the arrest of two-bedroom apartment ex-the Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO.

“I am absolutely pleased with the court’s position. Those apparent procedural violation that you all had the opportunity to hear, were the court considered, and not just cancelled the arrest, but also denied the former Prosecutor General in satisfaction of any petition for arrest of the property,” commented KASKO the court’s decision the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

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He added that he does not intend to sell this apartment. “I’m not running now to sell the apartment or to rewrite it for someone. Therefore, no one may on this occasion not to worry,” he said.

While KASKO expressed regret because of the position of the prosecution during the trial. “The Prosecutor at the trial in the presence of journalists, in the presence of the public, directly called black white. I very much hope that the policy of the Prosecutor’s office will change, and that the problems of the transitional period”, – said the former Deputy attorney General.

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Recall that in March on the appeal of then-General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin, the court arrested a two-bedroom apartment KASKO. He KASKO argued that the apartment was according to the order of the Prosecutor General in 2008, it was privatized in 2014 and is noted in the Declaration. He subsequently appealed the arrest of the apartment.